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Small intestine microflora at psoriasis.
Its possible role in pathogenesis.

Mikhail Peslyak, Natalia Gumayunova, Alex Nesterov, Natalia Potaturkina-Nesterova

For the first time researches of transient microflora of proximal small intestine at 121 psoriatics (PASI >=20) are conducted. Đontrol group consists from 43 healthy persons.
Level SIBO more than 105 CFU/ml (TBC > 5) was found at 95 (78,5%) psoriatics.
TBC (total bacterial count) for psoriatics has made average 3§106 CFU/ml that is much more than in the control group - 1,1§103 CFU/ml.
The correlation between SIBO level and PASI (correlation coefficient R=0,46),   between SIBO level and duration of psoriasis disease (R=0,43) has been found.
At 93% of psoriatics Bifidobacterium spp. was found - on average 2§105 CFU/ml (in the control group at 40%, on average 250 CFU/ml).
At 84% of psoriatics Lactobacillus spp. was found, on average 4,6§104 CFU/ml; (in the control group at 19%, on average 350 CFU/ml).
At 79 from 121 (65%) of psoriatics Enterococcus spp. was found - on average 2§105 CFU/ml.
In the control group Enterococcus spp. not found at all.
At part of psoriatics Str.pyogenes (9%) and Str.viridans (30%) were found (in the control group not found). It is supposed that increased colonization of small intestine by Str.pyogenes and others Gram+ bacteria with similar peptidoglycan interpeptide bridges (in particular E.faecalis and Str.viridans), and also by Gram(-) bacteria can play important role in psoriasis pathogenesis. The fragments of bacterial products of these bacteria contain PAMP (LPS and specific PG).
These fragments get to systemic blood flow, form chronically increased PAMP-level and chronically increased PAMP-load on blood phagocytes. It provides systemic psoriatic process functioning.

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